How Do YOU Look? ... Across the Web, that is.

It's amazing how many portals our names/businesses show up on. I always think of the Realtor who I work with and know if very good and professional, but one would never know it based upon a neglected (often not even filled in) "profile" on a real estate connected portal. We don't know when or who is going to see such a profile. Obviously, it is not representative of the Realtor whom I know. So this is a reminder of sorts, that Realtors should make sure their profiles are re

Real Estate Photos ... Sell "YOU."

Two simple questions. 1.) How does this make the Seller's home look? 2.) What does it say about the Listing Agent's "Marketing Program?" Answers: 1.) Terrible and 2.) S/he doesn't care. Photos are "Key Elements" of Listing Marketing Package. After all, over 90% of people searching for homes begin with the Internet. Plus, 80% of those people find the photos to me the most important thing to view. Professional Photos help sell houses, faster and at higher prices. They